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Timothy is friendly, helpful, and a really useful little oil burning tank engine, who works at the Sodor China Clay Company with Bill, Ben, BoCo, and Marion. He can also be naïve and gullible, which can lead him to fall victim to Bill and Ben's tricks. He is also strong-willed and determined.


Timothy is based on an open cab oil burning steam locomotive built by Bell Locomotive Works, Inc. of New York City. These engines, which were built in a variety of gauges, were used throughout the United States, Cuba, Central America, and South America in construction and industrial work.


Voice ActorEdit

  • It is currently unknown who will be voicing Timothy.


  • Timothy has been modified for use on British railways with loose couplings, added buffers, and a brake pipe.
  • Timothy has the same whistle sound as Thomas, but at a different pitch.

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