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Thieves And Whistles






Air date

February 26, 2016


It's Christmas on Sodor and the engines are working as hard as ever. One night, Duck's Whistle is stolen by a group of thieves and Bertie goes on a quest to get it back.


A Signalman also speaks


  • This is the first special in Thomas: The Trainz Adventures.
  • This is the first episode in which Gordon is voiced by Steamteam3211 and Duck is voiced by Terrier672Fenchurch.
  • This also the last episode in which Henry is voiced by Ilovetrains323.
  • Diesel was originally meant to be the one to have tricked Percy, but was replaced by Oliver, as Diesel had not been introduced yet.
  • In the orginal script Stanley was the one who knocked snow on Gordon. This was later changed to Emily.
  • A mail-van is seen coupled to a ventilated van at Tidmouth Station. This is an in-joke by the director between friends.


  • The "Flying Cam" can be seen in one shot.

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