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The Troublesome Tracks








The Troublesome Tracks is a cancelled episode of of Thomas: The Trainz Adventures 


Thomas is sent to pick up stone at the quarry, but is upset that he has to take the troublesome trucks. As Thomas is taking his trucks to the docks, he starts shaking. He tells the trucks to stop but the shaking doesn't stop. Thomas is worried the he'll derail. Soon Thomas arrives at the docks and drops of the stone. But as he is heading back to the quarry the shaking starts again. The Trucks say its not them but Thomas doesn't belive them and goes to knapford station where Sir Topham Hatt is there. Thomas tells him about what happend and Sir Topham Hatt speaks to the trucks, but the trucks still say the didn't do it. Then Henry comes in and explains that the line between the quarry is in need of repair and that is wasn't the trucks causing Thomas to shake.


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