The Christmas Catastrophe



Ilovetrains323 and EpicLafiteau



Air date

December 25th, 2017

 The Christmas Catastrophe is the third Thomas: The Trainz Adventures special. It was released Christmas Day 2017.


The engines of Sodor are looking forward to the holiday season once again as they prepare for the annual Christmas party. Only this time, The Fat Controller has invited some visitors to Sodor for the party. But when a large snow storm hits the Island, the gears in Vicarstown Bridge freeze over, cutting off access to Sodor. Can the engines put everything right before Christmas Eve and save the party, or will Gordon be stuck on the Mainland?




  • Since the script was written in late 2016, there are many references to the Thomas special that year, The Great Race.
    • Flying Scotsman calls Gordon, "Shooting Star" and "Little Brother."
    • Gordon asks Jinty if the ferry is the same one that stopped in Brendam Docks.
  • In the final shot before the credits, several ornaments are sitting on the ground in a specific order. This is a reference to the theme song of Big World, Big Adventures with the colors representing the engines. (James, Percy, Nia, Gordon, Rebecca, Emily, and Thomas)


  • When Gordon enters Knapford, Bear is sitting at the platform. Then in the next shot, he is gone.
  • When Edward is a Brendam Docks, he is first on the line closes to Cranky. Later he has gone to the line next to the one he was on.
  • Salty and Ryan's models change during the episode.


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T TTA - The Christmas Catastrophe

T TTA - The Christmas Catastrophe

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