This article is about The Mid Sodor Engine. You may be looking for The Standard Gauge Engine.
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Stanley was built at Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States in 1917 and worked in America before arriving on the Mid Sodor Railway. Stanley had a tendency to ride roughly on the rails because he wasn't regauged properly, and believed that it didn't matter if he came off the track occasionally. However, this attitude resulted in him being converted into a pumping engine at Arlesdale Works in 1928, and was later moved to the Cas-ny-Hawin mine. He broke down in 1946 and the following year the mine flooded, meaning the end of the Railway. With no reason to stay open, the Mid Sodor Railway closed down and Stanley was scrapped. Duke once lectured Stuart and Falcon about Stanley's downfall, and they became "unusually good for several days".


It is currently unknown when Stanley will appear.

Voice ActorsEdit

Stanley has no allocated voice actor as of now.

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