Soggy Sir Handel




Air date

June 5th, 2016

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Soggy Sir Handel is the ninth short in the Thomas: The Trainz Adventures Shorts series.


Sir Handel has to do Duncan's jobs while he is stuck in the shed and becomes jealous of the other engines who get to pull coaches. It's raining and the rails are slippery. Sir Handel is too busy complaining and is not careful. He gets into an accident and is ashamed for not listening to Peter Sam when he told him to be careful. When he returns to the sheds, the other engines laugh about it but Sir Handel stays silent.




  • This is the first time Carson08022000 voices Sir Handel.
  • This is the first short/episode to use WildnorWester's Skarloey Railway models.
  • The engine's Red liveries are temporary and will not be seen in the main series for a while.


T TTA - Short 9 - Soggy Sir Handel05:16

T TTA - Short 9 - Soggy Sir Handel

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