Little Western Rescue

ilovetrains323 and Carson08022000


ilovetrains323 and Carson08022000


ilovetrains323 and Terrier55Stepney



Air date

Part 1 - July 13th, 2016

Part 2 - July 15, 2016

Little Western Rescue is a special due to be released in 2016. It will feature around an ex-British Rail department manager seeking revenge upon one of his engines.


Oliver, Isabel and Toad are now fond of the Island of Sodor and think they are safe from the cutters' torch. However, when a film crew come to interview the engines for a documentary, his old manager from British Railways returns to negotiate a way to take him back. Naturally, Sir Topham Hatt disagrees, but the manager is persistent. With the help of two sinister diesels, he manages to steal the un-expecting Oliver and take him back to his old branch-line. Meanwhile, far away on the North Western Railway, the hunt has begun to look for Oliver. Duck, Edward and the Fat Controller head off on a mission to retrieve Oliver once and for good, but the psychopathic manager thinks otherwise, attempting to take Oliver off the rails and to certain disaster.




  • This special was inspired as the continuity episode of Escape.
  • This is the second special in Thomas: The Trainz Adventures.
  • This special was released in two parts.
  • The Sodor Documentary was created by Terrier55Stepney.
  • Some scenes from this special were inspired by The Titfield Thunderbolt film.
  • This is the first script that Terrier55Stepney worked on in partnership with ilovetrains323.
  • This is JD41796's last role as Duck before Terrier672Fenchurch took over in Pop Goes The Diesel. As well as CalicobonEsterphon as Gordon.


  • The computer mouse is seen multiple times during the film.
  • The Sodor Works Unit coach does not have wheels in a few shots.
  • Some of the character models change between shots.

Clips and Trailers

Little Western Rescue (Teaser Trailer)00:53

Little Western Rescue (Teaser Trailer)

Steam On Sodor (Little Western Rescue Documentary)03:16

Steam On Sodor (Little Western Rescue Documentary)

Little Western Resuce Clip 1 That's My Engine01:54

Little Western Resuce Clip 1 That's My Engine

Little Western Rescue - (Official Trailer)01:13

Little Western Rescue - (Official Trailer)

Little Western Resuce Clip 2 James' Trip to Wellsworth01:47

Little Western Resuce Clip 2 James' Trip to Wellsworth

Full Movie

T TTA - Little Western Rescue (Full)39:02

T TTA - Little Western Rescue (Full)


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