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King George
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King George is a well meaning, no nonsence, sometimes grumpy & stubborn engine who used to work in a steel works, painted blue with wasp buffers and the same chimney as hawarden, he was nicknamed "The Bulldog" by the workers for his work ethic and tough attitude. after the steelworks converted to diesel power he was sent for scrapping, there he languished for a few years before being saved by the fat controller, in the hope of helping with the increasing quarry traffic on Thomas' branchline and doing other odd jobs around the island,  as George is nearing completion, Mavis suffers an engine failure not having had an overhaul for quite some time and is withdrawn for overhaul, so George's repairs are fast trackedso he can help,  he gets on fairly well prooving ideal for his work and taking no nonsense from the trucks, he is reluctant to open up to the other engines at first but soon settles down, untill Mavis returns, understandably he has a mistrust for diesels, flat out ignoring Mavis when ever she tries to talk to him, but after a mishap when shunting, he is repaired in the shed while Toby is taking on water nearby, Toby has a good talk with George opening him up to Mavis when she comes back down with a quarry run, the two make up but, George is still weary of the other diesels, but calms down in time. After things calm down he makes the request to be offically renamed Bulldog as a testiment to his nickname and work ethic. Nowadays you may see him shunting at mainline stations such as Crovan's Gate & Wellsworth or perhaps taking a trip to places like Arlesburgh Harbour or Norramby, but you'll see him the most working hard bringing stone trains down from the quarry to the junction, and not too long ago he was repainted into his old livery to take part in an industrial railway gala on the railway where a relative of his survives.


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