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Buffer Bashing is a cancelled episode of Thomas: The Trainz Adventures 


Donald and Douglas are doing maintenance work in the sidings at Tidmouth Yard. Donald moves into a siding one day, but the rails are slippery with frost and he finds himself brought to a stop by the buffers. Nobody is harmed, but the buffers are smashed to smithereens. The other engines tease Donald and tell him he should go into skating championships, but the Fat Controller doesn't mind, as he knows Donald couldn't help it. James takes the final repairs train, while Douglas slides into the siding where workmen are just finishing painting the new buffers. Douglas' driver applies the brakes, but nothing happens and Douglas crashes straight through the new buffers. A workman angrily splashes some red paint onto Douglas' nose, which the Fat Controller leaves on his nose as a reminder to be more careful in sidings.



  • This episode is based on the story in the 42nd Railway Series book by the same name.
  • This episode was originally going to be Season 1, Episode 5 but was replaced by Toby the Brakevan. It was later changed to Season 1, Episode 7 but was replaced again by The Jinxed Station.

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